Introducing Your Cat to a New Cat

Introducing your cat to a new cat can be a challenging event. Given a cat’s nature it is highly likely to start out defensive. Cats prefer to be loners and often not accepting of newcomers. This having been said, there are several things that you can do to try and put the situation in a better light.

First Impressions are Important

You will want to avoid a violent initial meeting because cats can hold onto those feelings and then any additional introductions might be useless. Keeping the animals separate initially is very important. They will likely know each other is there without any help from you.

Familiarize Them with Each Other

If at all possible allow them to eat on opposite sides of a door. This will allow them to slowly smell the other and get used the scent of the other cat. You can even provide each cat with a blanket and then mid way through the period of time they are separated, switch the towels so they can get used to the scent. Trying to get the animals to play with one another under the door or such is a terrific way for them to become familiar with one another.

Time is the Test

Allow this process to continue for several days before deciding to change rooms with the animals, putting them on the opposite side of the wall. This will again allow them to become familiar with each other’s territory. This entire process should take several days to perhaps as much as a week. The last thing you want to do is rush the process. They may react poorly and all the work will be for nothing.

Introduction Time

When the animals are content, such as after eating or while napping, they are less likely to be aggressive. Start by using a screen if at all possible between the two animals. Do this with a bottle of water or a spray bottle in hand in case things should get out of hand. If this process seems to be going well you can attempt to remove the screen and see how things go. If this does not go well, take it back a step and separate them for a time longer.

Run of the House

Now that they have been properly introduced you will want to allow them to tour the house. They may do this in a shy manner at first and then grow more comfortable with one another. Do not be surprised if the cat with the longer tenancy gets offended if the new cat wanders onto some of his favorite territories. Also, try not to be to doubting over the new cat. This may cause some upset feelings by the other feline friend. Keep a close eye on them for a day or so. You may find however, that the cats will never be best friend, lending back to the preferred life of solitude.