Signs that your cat loves you

Cats fill my life with the much-needed splash of cuteness when I return home from a tiring day at work. This furry friend has been with me for the last 3 years and I can’t thank her enough.

There are some people though who are clueless when understanding their cat. To start with let’s see how a cat conveys its love for you.

Lays down with its tummy facing you:

This is the position which fierce animals like cats take only when they trust the people around. This is when they are most vulnerable and believe me you have to be very special to a cat if it behaves so when you are around.

Brings you a gift:

Cats are naturally fierce predators. They are fed by you now but that doesn’t mean that they will stop hunting. They live their inner predator and catch a prey and guess what they may gift you that prey because it doesn’t understand that a dead rat is not what you want from it, all they know is that they want to give this special thing to you.

Following you:

Yeah cats follow the people they love. Some are simple as they rub against your legs and accidently tripping around you. On the other hand, there are some coy ones that pretend they don’t care but they want to be near you if not directly against your body.

Love bites:

Cats nibble at the people they really love. The bite here signifies their comfort with you. This is what they would do to other cats if they were around and if they do this to you, you are that special person for them.

If the thought of a cat biting at you sounds scary, it’s nothing to be scared of as this mystical creature manages to keep these bites just ticklish with no pain.

That eye contact:

Seriously this is the epitome of love for cats. They don’t care about what is happening around and generally about the world. But through all that if they decide to make eye contact with you, trust me you are very special to them and nothing can ever replace you in their life.